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The philosophy of The Learning Academy is to provide an environment where your child can express him or herself without limitations. When your child socializes with other children in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment, it will aid in enhancing:

  ~Social Skills 
  ~Physical Development 
  ~Emotional Development 
  ~Cognitive Development 

 Each child is special and unique here at The Learning Academy. The staff of the center believes in a “hands on approach”. Children will learn through playing, sensing and by doing. The main role of the staff is to provide modeling and guidance to the children and to respect and acknowledge each child’s feeling. 

The goal of the infant/toddler program is to provide a safe nurturing environment while encouraging the physical, cognitive, and social growth of each child. The program will provide a variety of language, social, tactile, gross motor and fine motor activities on a daily basis.

The staff shall always recognize the developmental milestones of the infant/toddler group and respect the individual development rates of each child. The staff shall endeavor to form a trusting relationship with each child, while fostering independence. 

Children will be encouraged to explore their environment to develop spatial relations and self-awareness. 

"So often throughout the years, call after call would come in “Do you offer extended hours?”, and the answer was always a simple one “No centers do not do that I’m sorry”. After careful review we have discovered that only a select few home based daycares would offer this. We at The Learning Academy find this to be unacceptable. If a parent or parents in rare cases, works unconventional hours do they not deserve the very best Childcare options available. We here at The Learning Academy believe they do. We believe the standards that are set forth to govern us during the day, will make us excel in the evening. For mere fact that the licensing standards that we subject ourselves through, the inspections, the level of professional staff, the staff training, the staff to student ratios that have to be strictly enforced, best suit us to answer this unique calling.
We believe that our experience, goals, and professional standards set us apart from all the rest. In a time when both parents must work full time jobs, where the child goes should be more than suitable rather than just convenient. In a time when everyone in a family including grandparents must work, there needs to be a standard that all others are measured against. We would like to help write that standard.
Our goal is extremely simple; provide a quality setting for all children no matter what time of the day it tends to be. Because these children’s parents who must work 2nd shift, we should not neglect the overwhelming need to have a center based program that maintains the standards set forth by the Department of Children Youth & Families. Centers are the natural choice for an evening care program. If not simple for the personnel, then the environment. An environment where a child will have continuity, and is surrounded by a well-trained staff, that brings the proper experience and education to the overall picture.
We believe by combining an environment that promotes stability, a caring and nurturing staff, we will be able to provide parents of the State of Rhode Island a true choice in their childcare needs. We also believe that people who know now that there is a center that is licensed by the Department of Children Youth & Families, gives them a place that they can fell comfortable about leaving their child.
Evening care is the next evolution; we need to be concerned about where today’s children are being left. Who they are being left with. We believe that parents, who are given a choice, will overwhelmingly step forward for a facility that has a long and upstanding reputation within the childcare community. 
Parents need to know when they decide to pick up a new job, that may mean more money, better benefits or even a better working environment, they will not need be concerned if it is 2nd shift because quality childcare is just a phone call away. And when they call we will be here to answer that call."

Mr. Ryan 
The goal of the preschool program is to develop autonomy in each child through a child-initiated environment. The teacher shall provide hands-on experiences and act as a facilitator for learning.

On a daily basis, children shall participate in activities to develop language skills, math skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and social skills. These activities may take place in a small group, large group or on an individual basis.

The staff shall always maintain a safe environment, while providing positive social and learning experiences.